Sensor and measurement technology grows despite supply problems and embargo

The AMA Association for Sensors and Meaurement surveys its 450 members quarterly on economic development. The industry reports sales growth of seven percent for the first quarter, compared to the previous quarter. Incoming orders rose eight percent at the beginning of the year. The industry is starting the first quarter of 2022 with positive overall development and expects sales growth of six percent for the second quarter.

Sensor and measurement technology grows despite supply problems and embargo 1. Qaurter 2022

If the sensor and measurement technology industry already showed itself with significant growth last year, it continued this trend in the first quarter of 2022. AMA members generated an increase in sales despite the continuing difficulties with suppliers, with incoming orders picking up. This is true for both large and small and Medium-sized (SME) industry members. However, the large companies are more optimistic than the small ones about the prospects for the economic situation.

In terms of sales, AMA members supplying the electronics industry and those supplying the mechanical engineering industry scored particularly well. Among suppliers to the automotive industry, SMEs performed better than the large AMA members.

When asked about the impact of sanctions due to the Ukraine war, 87 percent of AMA members said they are affected. However, AMA members estimate that the embargo has a tolerable seven percent impact on their own operations. However, since the military invasion began, there have been some large price increases in energy and raw materials, thus uncertainty about the overall economic performance of the industry remains high.

“Our members’ economic results continue to show an upward trend in the first quarter, ” said Thomas Simmons, executive director of the AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement. “The outlook is also positive, with our industry anticipating a six percent increase in sales for the current quarter. The biggest challenge for our industry remains the procurement difficulties that determine our members’ ability to deliver.”

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