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Modern control systems require real-time, accurate and reliable operating information in order to deliver maximum efficiency and reduce operating and service costs to a minimum. Sensor-Technik UK is the UK and Ireland distributor for Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) GmbH, a leading manufacturer of robust thin-film sensors for accurate force and pressure measurement and complete transmitters with thin-film, ceramic or silicon sensors. Our sensors are known for their reliability, accuracy and their ability to function in harsh environmental conditions.

These are used in various fields of industrial and automotive measuring technology, including novel and highly demanding applications and industries including oil & gas, agriculture and off-highway mobile machinery.

In addition to the micro-structuring, coating of the thin-film sensor and the required electronics and housing, STW develops product specific hardware for installation and connection.

Our sensors provide our customer with a number of key technical and commercial benefits:

  • Low cost for series production
  • Extremely low failure rate, minimising service and downtime costs
  • Outstanding measurement accuracy (<0.5% FS)
  • Wide temperature range (-40 to 300° C)
  • High pressure range (up to 3000 bar measurable)
  • Excellent compatibility across many diverse media


Sensor Product Range


Pressure Transmitters with thin-film sensors


Our M01 and M01-CAN thin-film pressure transmitters are engineered for harsh conditions that are typical for mobile hydraulic applications; and with a low cost/performance ratio, the M01 and M01-CAN are ideal for low cost, high volume production and off highway work. The M01-CAN is compatible with either CANopen or J1939 protocols whilst the M01 supports a number of analogue outputs.


The A08-XHT transmitter is perfect for high temperature applications with media temperatures up to 200 °C.


The A09 is well suited for high pressure applications. It can be equipped with nearly every available pressure and output connection.  


The F01 is our latest sensor, dedicated to safety specific applications with the reliability that you would expect from precision engineering.


Pressure transmitters with silicon sensors


The A07 in silicon technology is perfect for all kinds of pneumatic applications with a pressure range up to 25 bar (360 psi).


The S02 transmitter features a flush diaphragm connection. It is ideal for viscous fluids or media.


The S04 transmitter is for lower pressure ranges, up to 10 bar (150 psi). This sensor is also good for absolute pressure measurement and high temperature applications.


The TS02 is developed for water level measurements. This precise working sensor is completely made of stainless steel.


The L03 is a sensor used extensively by the food and beverage industry. The flush diaphragm and mounting flange SF01 helps prevent cohesion of the media at the membrane. Media temperatures of up to 125 °C (257 °F) are possible.


Pressure Transmitters with ceramic sensors

The C01 and C02 are the cost effective ceramic pressure transmitters for pneumatic applications in a pressure range up to 25 bar (363 psi).


Measurement Cell


We are also able to offer the measurement cell as a standalone component part.  The small capsule, which can have a thin-film measuring element made from either NiCr or TiON, can measure up to 3,000 bar pressure and can be integrated into custom applications and sensor solutions.


Additional sensing technology


Our temperature sensor is able to measure temperatures from -40° C to +150° C. and is effective for a broad range of demanding applications and is offered with either analogue or CAN (J1939) outputs. This sensor can be used in mobile machines, industrial vehicles and industrial process control.


The NGS2 inclination and gyro sensor is a combination sensor that measures angular velocity and inclination in 3 axes. The primary applications for the NGS2 would be for mobile work machines and off-highway vehicles.


Our IVDMS strain gauge is used to measure the strain directly imposed on equipment and machinery.  The gauge can measure up to 2,200µm/m. It can be configured with a CAN or current output and has a water ingress protection rating of IP67. This product is mainly used for mobile applications.


Customised Solutions

In addition to the standard off-the-shelf products, STW are also able to offer customised engineering services. From layout of structures and simulation of the measuring cells, we can design the necessary mounting, connection and housing for a complete, integrated package.


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