Sensing innovation at Sensors & Instrumentation Live – the Engineering Symposium

Instrumentation and sensors are incredibly important because of the data they produce. This data can be used to improve processes, increase efficiency and repeatability, and enhance the competitiveness of your business. But in order to make the most of your data it is important to gain a good understanding of the equipment you are using. Sensors & Instrumentation Live, returning to the NEC, Birmingham on 25 and 26 September 2019, is teaming up with DJB Instruments to deliver CPD-accredited training that will help you to develop your understanding of sensors and instruments to improve the quality of your data. Free to attend, the training is driven by sensor innovation and the very latest in engineering. DJB has brought together a team of speakers from leading technology and engineering companies from around the world to present a two day programme of technical seminars.

John Tyrrell, managing director at TTS Systems, will be presenting “Strain Gauge Loadcells – the basics of use…”. Whether you are measuring load, weight or force you will be using a loadcell. Now it maybe a foil or silicon strain gauge, aluminum, steel or exotic material, sealed or not, to name but a few design features. But do not forget the fundamentals – otherwise the data will be worthless! Tyrrell will explain the basics of strain gauge loadcell use to help you improve the quality of your data.

Neill Ovenden, managing director at DJB Instruments, will be presenting “Accelerometers, The Truth and more…”. An understanding of how a sensor works is critical to its correct selection and use. This seminar will provide a fundamental overview of how a piezoelectric accelerometer operates and the key factors to ensure correct use and data accuracy, remember a vibration environment is damaging and dynamic!

Ben Haest, Quality Electronics Design, Luxembourg, will be delivering the seminar “Automation in Environmental Testing”. Other topics will include: “Challenges of developing wireless sensor communication” and “Kurtosis control impacts on reality of test simulation”.

The seminars in the Engineering Symposium really do present top training from market-leaders in each of their fields. Attendance is free so sign up for Sensors & Instrumentation Live to learn how to improve the quality of data you can get from 

your instruments. You can find out more about the exhibition at 

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