SATIR G96 – 640×480 Thermal Camera (Promotion Code G96F)

SATIR are pleased to announce the G96 HD professional thermography camera below £9500. At the heart of the SATIR G96 is a high performance 640 x 480 

image resolution UFPA detector, with 307,200 effective pixels offering excellent measurement accuracy. With a 50mK thermal sensitivity and an improved spatial resolution of 0.65mrad, gives a crisper and superior image quality.

The G96 has improved specification and functionality, expanding the usability and application in the field and is highly recommended for professional engineers.

Electrical component or system failure ranks very high as an event that can have severe impacts upon safety, operational costs and insurance premiums for organisations, companies or individuals in industrial, commercial or private sectors.

In addition to the above application the G96 offers high resolution quality when viewing mechanical and building issues and the result allows the end users to identify areas of concern.

An Infrared camera operates by converting emitted radiation levels into a two dimensional picture that will highlight contrasting energy levels, the basis for identifying areas of concern/ failure.

SATIR’ European Headquarters was founded in May 2007 and are based in Dundalk, Ireland. The facility offers some product manufacture, servicing, calibration and repairs for all products distributed into the European Union and strategic countries around the world.

With over 20 years’ experience engaged in manufacturing infrared cameras, SATIR excels in designing and manufacturing solutions to meet the needs of its customers.  With a variety of offerings from high to low end commercially available products, all with the aim of offering excellent infrared cameras to exceed customer satisfaction.

In addition to the G96 thermal camera we also offer a selection of handheld, fixed mount and automated systems dependant on your requirement. Full details and data sheets are available from our web site

We offer 80×60, 100×80, 160×120, 384×288 and 640×480 resolution UFPA detectors, with 25µm pitch, 50-80mK thermal sensitivity at 50Hz, license free!

As a manufacture of thermal camera we welcome new applications and ideas for future thermal cameras, please contact us at

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