Rotronic supports global petition 40to60RH

Using scientific findings as a basis, a global petition asks the World Health Organization (WHO) to prescribe a humidity level of 40-60 %RH to reduce respiratory infections. Rotronic has declared its support for this petition as persuasive scientific findings show that a medium air humidity benefits human health considerably.

In light of the Covid-19 crisis, Dr. Stephanie Taylor, one of the initiators of the petition and advisor on infection control at Harvard Medical School, believes it is more important than ever to listen to the latest evidence and to establish global guidelines for indoor air quality quickly and decisively with a clear recommendation on the upper and lower limits of humidity in public buildings. The measure would reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in the air inside buildings and protect public health. This conviction is shared not only by Rotronic’s specialists but also by leading members of the global scientific community. The petition aims to raise global awareness of the crucial role of indoor climate quality for physical health and to demand that the WHO pushes for significant political changes.

Rotronic, the market leader in the monitoring of relative humidity (RH), supports this initiative for a humidity level of 40-60 %RH, especially in healthcare facilities. According to scientific evidence, this is considered the optimal level for the respiratory immune system and reduces the spread of seasonal respiratory diseases and their burden on society, especially in view of the current corona pandemic.

With the reliable continuous Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS), Rotronic provides the healthcare sector with all the necessary data for monitoring and maintaining the required humidity level. In addition we offer handhelds, data loggers and analog and digital transmitters to measure relative humidity and all other humidity parameters. These humidity measuring instruments measure both humidity and temperature, which is crucial for the correct measurement and interpretation of humidity. Because a fluctuation of 1 °C can already influence the humidity measurement by up to 6 %RH. Rotronic also offers solutions for monitoring the CO2 value, another important parameter for assessing indoor air quality.

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