Rotronic process pressure transmitter BF227

Continuously developing the product range to meet customer’s needs Rotronic launched the BF2 series of measurement transmitters. In addition to the established BF220 process pressure transmitter the BF227 is now available with RS-485 communication

The process pressure transmitter BF220 is ideal for measurement of absolute pressure in applications with fast temperature changes and in compressed air, HVAC and pneumatic systems. It measures the pressure of neutral gases and nitrogen in piping and closed containers. The pressure of the medium being measured acts on a pressure cell, which converts the pressure into an electronic signal.

The new process pressure transmitter is an ideal complement to the low dew point probe HC2-LDP and ATEX version Hc2-LDP-EX.

Benefits of the new process pressure transmitter with RS-485 interface (BF227)

  • Compact and robust construction
  • Measurement range: 0…10 bar
  • Piezo resistive steel sensor
  • Zero and range adjustable with internal potentiometer
  • Digital RS-485 communication communication with independent networks
  • IP protection IP63/IP65
  • Accuracy at 20 °C ±2 K: ±0,25 % FS max
  • Long-term stability: ±0,2 % full scale/year

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