ROTRONIC – New Temperature and Humidity / Moisture Handheld – HP32

ROTRONIC has introduced the HP32 temperature and humidity measurement handheld. This precision instrument enables spot-checks of temperature and humidity levels in museums, galleries and storerooms to be made easily, thereby ensuring artefacts and materials are kept in a suitably maintained environment. Energy costs can be reduced where energy usage is excessive. It is also suitable for monitoring cleanrooms, climate chambers and for industrial applications.

The HP32 handheld has an interchangeable probe input for all Rotronic HC2-series probes with full logging & spot-value recording functions. As well as temperature and humidity values, two other moisture parameters such as dew point and g/kg moisture  can be displayed on the LC screen simultaneously. The handheld replaces the Rotronic HP22 model.

Product features:

  • Precision temperature and humidity measurement with wide ranges up to -100…200 °C, 0…100 %rh (probe dependent)
  • All moisture values available, two can additionally be shown on the large display
  • Audible and visual alarms (all parameters), freely configurable
  • Full logging function with real-time clock. Interval from 1s. 64,000 data points memory
  • Spot-value recording – 8 x 8,000 data points can be saved
  • Recorded values can be displayed graphically on the HP32 handheld
  • MIN / MAX and AVG values available on the display
  • High capacity, rechargeable lithium battery

The HP32 handheld is supplied with HW4-LITE version PC software, a micro USB data cable for PC connection and battery charging, and a soft protective case.  A technical datasheet is available. The HP32 is now additionally available in a SET that includes a standard HC2A-S probe (HP32-S-SET); also available with the option of a probe, extension cable, calibration device, pack of humidity standards and a soft case (HP32-SET).

Please contact Rotronic for full details and to discuss your application

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