ROTRONIC is a leading manufacturer of temperature, humidity, differential pressure and CO2 instrumentation

Rotronic products are specified throughout industry for the reliable measurement and control of processes; together with environmental monitoring. They are also installed in buildings of all types, research organisations, test houses and leisure facilities. High accuracy measurement, sensor stability and reliability are available as standard.

Technical specifications for the entire product range are readily available on the Rotronic website  The wide range comprises handhelds; loggers including the continuous environmental monitoring system (RMS) with all data available securely anywhere with alarms; probes suitable for all applications with wide measurement ranges; transmitters including ATEX rated sensors for potentially explosive environments with analogue and digital outputs for controllers, and meteorological sensors for external measurements for the building management system (BMS).

In the UK Rotronic has UKAS 0766 / ISO 17025 accreditation for temperature, humidity and dew point laboratory calibration to confirm individual sensor performance. Sensors can be adjusted if necessary, thereby ensuring long service life.

Rotronic Improves Energy Efficiency and Reduces Costs

Rotronic temperature and humidity probes with measurement capability -100…200 °C, 0…100 %rh ensure that processes are optimally controlled, saving both energy and running costs. Rotronic sensors provide measurements that are reliable for all applications.

Continuous Monitoring with RMS

Closely monitoring temperature and humidity levels in production processes, manufacturing facilities, cleanrooms, chilled stores, document archives, warehouses, swimming pools, HVAC systems with full alarms is conveniently possible with the Rotronic continuous environmental monitoring system (RMS). Across multiple sites too.

All data is recorded at the interval required and available remotely on any device, presented in the format required. The system is modular and can be extended with additional sensors at any time. Further parameters such as CO2 and oxygen can be added using fully integrated third-party devices. All data is secure; RMS conforms to FDA 21 CFR part 11.

There is a dedicated Rotronic microsite for the RMS monitoring solution LINK

Rotronic is a company in the Process Sensing Technologies (PST) group of manufacturers providing unmatched instrumentation for process control and environmental monitoring.

Visit Rotronic on Stand 72 at Sensors & Instrumentation Live to find out more.

Contact Rotronic to discuss your application or project:

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