Rotronic Introduces a Fast Response Differential Pressure Sensor

Differential pressure measurement has been added to the core expertise of Rotronic, a Swiss-based manufacturer of precision temperature, humidity and CO2 instruments.

Rotronic has developed a precision differential pressure transmitter with a fast response, integrated relay and temperature measurement option, which can be installed on a network or connected to the controller using the fully configurable analogue outputs. It uses a robust thermal mass flow measurement sensor which provides high accuracy and long term stability. Thin tubing connects the transmitter to the room to be monitored and controlled.

The Rotronic PF4 differential pressure measurement transmitter is designed for monitoring and controlling conditions in cleanrooms of all types, in R&D, production areas and wherever even a small difference in pressure can have an effect. The unit is configurable as required using HW4 software and fully integrates into systems. Temperature measurement is an option. The many key benefits of the Rotronic PF4 transmitter are below.

  • High precision differential pressure measurement, long term stability
  • Fast response time, low hysteresis
  • Standard ranges  -25…+25 Pa;  -50…50 Pa
  • Large overload range 2 bar
  • Interchangeable Pt100 4-wire temperature sensor option
  • Analogue signals, freely selectable & scalable
  • Ethernet networking option
  • Interfaces with Rotronic HW4 software
  • Integrated relay switch, configurable
  • Sensor immune to dust and humidity
  • Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Swiss manufacture. 24 month warranty and full support

A technical datasheet (PDF) for the Rotronic PF4 differential pressure transmitter is available for download from the website

For additional information please contact Rotronic using the contact form on the website  or T: 01293 571000  E:

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