RHEINTACHO rotational speed sensors have proven themselves for years under difficult conditions in many applications. Over the past 25 years, in many cases driven by our customers and their applications, we have developed rotational speed sensors fulfilling the industry specific requirements which often challenged us during the design and development process.

One example are the FC and FE rotational speed sensors which have been developed and optimized to withstand the extreme temperature changes ranging from -40°C to 125°C. And the new FP sensors can be used in environments ranging from -40°C to 160°C due to the intelligent and modern electronic design. The sensor development was based on the successfully established FK series with optimization in housing material and geometry as well as the electronic design. It can also detect standstill.

Another example is the newly developed M8 sensor which includes temperature detection. This extremely small threaded sensor offers RHEINTACHO customers two functions in one sensor. These sensors can be adapted to the installation environment if necessary and is the start of further temperature integration into our rotational speed sensor programme.

With the new ABZ sensor, we have added an additional feature enabling not only rotational speed detection, but also rotational direction. This sensor excels not only in detecting rotational speed and direction, but also provides additional diagnostic functions, e.g. downtime recognition, critical air gap and critical installation position. And on top of that, it also measures temperature.

And with many new developments in the pipeline, RHEINTACHO will defend its position as innovation leader in rotational speed detection, monitoring and control, now adding additional functionality and usage in more extreme conditions.

Not only in sensor technology are things happening at RHEINTACHO. Another important pillar of RHEINTACHO’s business is stroboscope technology for the measurement and monitoring of rotational speed and linear movement. The stroboscope is adjusted to the speed of a moving substrate or object in order to create a stationary image. The crème de la crème of our stroboscope family are the stroboscopes which have an on-board laser enabling automatic synchronization to the speed of the moving object. We offer a portable super qb LED which is probably the brightest of its class and a new more compact and portable PocketStrobe LED laser for this option. All portable PocketStrobes are presently available in a standard version or with a trigger function for external signal reception and transfer. The extensive portfolio of portable strobes is complemented with a selection of stationary stroboscopes available with LEDs or Xenon. The stationary strobe program consists of various sizes enabling an illuminated width suitable to the application. The newest addition to the portable stroboscope family will be an ATEX PocketStrobe, which is presently being developed, tested and certified.

RHEINTACHO is not only the manufacturer of high-tech sensors and stroboscopes, but also produces instruments for the measurement, monitoring and display of rotational speed at the English subsidiary RHEINTACHO UK. A wide variety of products ranging from simple mechanical handheld tachometers, eddy current tachometers, electrical tachometers, indicators to tacho-generators are available as standard products or in customized versions. We also offer private label solutions to our customers and distributors.

RHEINTACHO Messtechnik, located in Freiburg, Germany and its English subsidiary RHEINTACHO UK in Leeds are your partners in rotational speed detection, measurement, monitoring and control. With a combined history of more than 300 years, we are second to none in experience and innovation. RHEINTACHO’s own R&D team has many more projects in the pipeline which will most certainly surprise both customers and competitors alike. In Leeds, at RHEINTACHO UK, we are also specialized in the servicing and repair of instruments regardless of their age and heredity. And we also provide this service for instruments of other companies some of which most certainly no longer exist.

Call us for more information at:
Enterprise Court, Pit Lane, Micklefield
Leeds LS25 4BU
United Kingdom
Tel: +44(0)113 287 4411
Email: sales@RHEINTACHO.co.uk

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