Repair and calibration

Products manufactured by Sherborne Sensors are highly precise, accurate and robust, and are found in very demanding applications. As part of any preventative maintenance program, sensors should be recalibrated on a regular basis.

Sherborne Sensors’ manufacturing facility is fully capable of confirming performance of field units to original manufacturer’s specifications, providing a certificate of performance that is traceable to recognised international standards. In addition, Sherborne Sensors welcomes the opportunity to calibrate servo-based inclinometers / accelerometers as well as load cells (depending investigation) from other manufacturers as well.

In addition to recalibration services, Sherborne Sensors offers its customers the option to repair units that are damaged in the field. As part of this process, prior to initiation of any work, Sherborne Sensors provides its customers with a detailed analysis of the unit’s performance, the root cause for the unit’s inability to meet factory performance specifications, and a firm fixed cost for the unit’s repair. The company will also advise customers if a unit cannot be economically repaired, and instead requires replacement.

Calibration capability

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