Remote paperless temperature recording eliminates human error

TME’s NEW Double TC Wall Port for remote testing of two temperature points from one location, can be combined with a Barcode Scanning Thermometer to deliver enhanced data integrity.

TME’s TC Wall Port System is a practical, low cost method of testing inaccessible temperature points compatible with any thermocouple input thermometer – ideal for enclosed pipes and high level water tanks for legionella prevention; also cold stores; freezers; ovens and hazardous storage areas.

How does it work?

The new double port saves space and reduces costs – integrally wired with two thermocouple fine-wire sensors instead of one. The sensors can be run to separate temperature points up to 20 metres away, such as hot and cold water pipes or multiple cold stores or ovens, and then left in situ with ongoing tests performed by plugging a thermometer into the port for an instant, accurate result.

Enhanced data integrity

Eliminate human recording errors by combining TC Wall Ports with TME’s MM7000-2D Barcode Scanning Thermometer with Bluetooth, which delivers paperless recording of temperature, time and date together with exact location and product identity, downloading results to spreadsheet.

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