Remaining connected to your pumps and controlling your pump the way you want to

Cole-Parmer introduces its “Connected Suite” of Masterflex® peristaltic pumps.  As a global first, this range of pumps facilitates not only a wide range of functionality but also accommodates virtually any mode of communication required by technicians using them.  From traditional, stand-alone pumps for simple fluid transfer to networking – and even Cloud-based – controlled devices for more advanced and demanding fluidic applications, the “Connected Suite” of pumps can help facilitate a successful outcome no matter what the workflow demands.

The traditional, stand-alone pumps are designed for simpler applications, where control over speed / flow rate, flow direction, and start / stop are the primary goals.  Through a simple user interface, the full functionality of these pumps can be realised without relying on external devices controlling them.  When implementing these pumps in an automated or semi-automated workflow, the functions of these pumps can be controlled via a contact closure input on the rear of the drive.

To begin migrating from simple fluid transfer to facilitating dispensing functions, the “Connected Suite” of pumps also includes computer-compatible digital drives.  These precision drives feature a programmable dispense interval that lets operators set the delay between dispense cycles for convenient, automated dispensing.  They can also be calibrated to ensure dispense and display accuracy.  The operational features of these drives are controlled via the simple membrane keypad or remotely, offering support for both digital control (via a PC) and analogue remote control (via traditional wired connections), making these drives ideal for both stand-alone work and automated process applications.

There are customers and applications, however, that demand a greater level of connectivity and control, either due to site protocol, governmental regulations, or simply to streamline site-wide equipment operation.  For these applications, drives with advanced networking capabilities are needed.  In the Cole-Parmer “Connected Suite” of pumps, there are drives that are equipped to support either Profibus or EtherNet/IP communication protocols, allowing these pumps to be easily integrated into a site-wide process workflow and to be remotely located on-site and still be controlled from a central location.  As an added benefit, these advanced networking drives are also equipped with on-board Bluetooth® capabilities, supporting remote and wireless operation of critical drive functions – useful when the drive is placed in an environment where quick and easy access is not possible.  In those applications – such as clean room environments, glove boxes, isolation chambers, etc. – offering Bluetooth-based control allows the primary functions of the drive to be accessible from outside the protected environment, even if no hard-wired network connection is available.

In contrast to the other three categories of pumps in the “Connected Suite”, Cole-Parmer also offers drives equipped with our proprietary connectivity protocol called MasterflexLive™.  MasterflexLive is the only cloud-based platform on the market that works with peristaltic pumps.  With this technology operators can have full visibility and control over select Masterflex L/S® and Masterflex I/P® peristaltic pumps via a PC, tablet or smartphone (running either iOS™ or Android™ operating systems).  What’s more, authorised pump operators can fully and securely control MasterflexLive-equipped pumps from anywhere with a data connection.  Push notifications are also supported, allowing authorised users to be alerted to changes in pump operation or to instances where a sensor (e.g., open-head or leak-detection) has been triggered which might require immediate attention.  For most users, the standard, free MasterflexLive service is all that is required for day-to-day operations.  However, in more demanding applications, where compliance with either 21 CFR Part 11 and/or EU Annex 11 is required, MasterflexLive features a paid, Premium level of service as well.  This Premium service supports digital recordkeeping; secure cloud data storage; and time-stamped, filterable, and exportable pump operational data.  Regardless of the level of service chosen, MasterflexLive-enabled pumps are ideal for process and research facilities, water and wastewater treatment plants, industrial plants, food and beverage industries, chemical and mining industries, and anyone who wants to adopt the latest technology and tools to enable greater flexibility, enhanced accuracy and maximum efficiency.

All together, the “Connected Suite” of Masterflex pumps from Cole-Parmer gives users the opportunity to easily and reliably integrate their chosen pump into their existing workflows and applications, knowing that – regardless of what communication or connection protocol is being implemented – there is likely a cost-effective, excellent solution available.

To learn more about the full range of “Connected Suite” pumps offered through Cole-Parmer, visit – or to learn more specifically about the MasterflexLive-equipped products offered, visit 

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