Reed Switch Developments Corp. Achieves Woman-Owned Business Certification

The privately held and family owned Reed Switch Developments Corp., global experts in the design, manufacture and supply of standard and custom magnetic reed switch and proximity sensor assemblies, as well as providers of related reed switch sensor design engineering services, today announced that it has now been awarded its formal Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) certification by the State of Wisconsin.

The certification, valid for three years, was facilitated via the Wisconsin Department of Administration’s Supplier Diversity Program.  To qualify, an eligible business must undergo a series of stringent evaluations conducted by program facilitators, and must demonstrate that it is, at minimum, 51% owned, managed, and controlled by the woman applicant.

Notes president, Debra Dahlin, “We are honoured to learn that Reed Switch Developments Corp. has successfully met all WBE certification requirements in Wisconsin. We are a second-generation family-owned small business and a Racine area manufacturer for over 50 years. We believe that this important company milestone reaffirms our continued commitment to excellence in serving our many valued customers, including with new WBE certification that helps us to more visibly support industry-wide supplier diversity initiatives.”

Since its 1967 founding, Reed Switch Developments Corp. has been an industry pioneer in the design and manufacture of magnetic reed switches and proximity sensor assemblies for aircraft interiors, off-highway and agricultural vehicles, appliances, consumer electronics, industrial motors, robotics, factory automation and medical equipment. All products are free from mechanical wear, hermetically sealed, and provide reliable, fast-acting performance within demanding applications, including over many years of field service. They are available in SPST and SPDT configurations; multiple reed material types, with varying sensitivities and wattages (0.25W – 100W); a wide selection of case materials, including Celanex, Celcon, Lexan, Epoxy and Valox; and with choice of housings, including aluminium, stainless steel, and brass housings, for extreme applications. The most popular insulating materials are typically specified in 18-26 AWG sizes. Also, a variety of connectors, including AMP, Molex, JST, Packard, threaded, weather sealed, snap lock, and lug types, can be supplied. Most assemblies are also UL recognised and RoHS/REACH compliant. 

 Custom magnetic reed switch sensors and actuators are available with competitive lead times, in quantities ranging from prototypes to OEM volumes, Each custom design can be mated together with customer choice from among a large selection of permanent magnets. Custom-configured molded magnets, wires and cabling options are also available to meet specific end-user mounting and operational requirements. For more information about Reed Switch Developments Corp. and its products, visit:

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