Real-time monitoring of IIoT networks

FreeWave Technologies has entered a technology partnership with E2E Technologies to bring real-time network monitoring to Industrial IoT (IIoT) networks.

E2E’s Stingray Network Management System (NMS) will support FreeWave’s WavePro wireless communication solutions. Stingray is optimisable for IT professionals looking to manage individual components of a limited IoT or M2M communications system within a larger IT network management framework.

FreeWave’s Industrial IoT (IIoT) and M2M networking solutions are specifically designed to solve communication challenges at the edge of the IT network, or in challenging environments where other communication technologies aren’t suitable. Companies in energy, utilities, municipalities, government, oil and gas, and more now have a solution for helping to bridge the IT/OT convergence gap.

“E2E’s Stingray solution is one of the first network management systems to be specifically designed for IIoT, M2M and SCADA networks, just like FreeWave’s radios,” said Brad Gilbert, director of product management for FreeWave Technologies. “Even when or where bandwidth may be limited, organisations still need detailed, real-time information on their IT network operations. And the access layer is exactly where FreeWave and E2E’s new technology solution can help the most.”

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