Rapid temperature measurement with ROTRONIC. How cool is that?

Rotronic has enhanced its temperature measurement device portfolio. With the latest handheld instruments (TP31 series) you can precisely measure surface, liquid and core temperatures conveniently and precisely. With the infrared thermometer with dual lasers and the folding thermometer with its rugged immersion/insertion probe you can meet the requirements of increasing regulation in the food and other industries. With their convenient features and ease of use the new temperature handhelds from Rotronic are suitable for many varied applications.

Infrared digital thermometer (TP31-IR)

The TP31-IR, determines surface temperatures quickly without contact using infrared measurement technology and is available in two versions with different focal points and measurement ranges (12:1 optics for -50 to 650 °C or 30:1 optics for -50 to 1000 °C). 

Thanks to an adjustable emission level and a double laser, which serves as a visible target, the hot surfaces of a wide range of materials can be measured precisely using their different emissivity values.

Folding digital thermometer (TP31-S)

The compact TP31-S with HACCP certification (ISO22000: 2005) indicates temperatures from -50 to 300 °C quickly and reliably in liquids and penetrable materials (core temperatures). The simple operation ensures efficient temperature measurement.

The rugged probe can be folded out to an angle of 180° to the display, and thanks to its robust design, can penetrate semi-solid and viscous plastic materials under considerable force. With an IP65 protection rating, the TP31-S is easily to clean under running water.

Technical information about all the temperature measurement solutions available from Rotronic can be found on our website www.rotronic.co.uk

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