Quick, Precise and Wireless: wenglor Introduces New Handheld Scanners with Bluetooth

Handheld 1D/2D Scanners are available from wenglor as of immediately with a practical Bluetooth interface.

The high-performance, but thus far cable-connected FIS-H21 and FIS-HS41X Handheld Scanners are being supplemented with wireless models CSLH001 and CSLH002 including Bluetooth version 2.0. The Scanners read printed, needle punched, laser printed and embossed 1D and 2D codes in nearly any industrial setting – extremely accurately and at very high speeds.

Bluetooth, which has established itself as a standard wireless technology, increases the Scanners’ working radius to roughly 10 meters and makes wireless transmission possible to any other system user with a permanently installed Bluetooth interface.

Consequently, the Scanners are capable of transferring their data to the control computer quickly and simply for further processing, as well as to tablets and smartphones.

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Web: www.wenglor.com

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