Quantum Design UK and Ireland launch a New Cryogenic Instrumentation Brochure

A quick glance at their extensive range of Cryogenic systems and accessories

Quantum Design UK and Ireland have recently compiled a Cryogenic instrumentation brochure to help you to choose the systems or accessories that best suit your research or application. QD-UKI know that their extensive range can be overwhelming, so the brochure is a quick glance at each product and its key specifications.

The brochure features products from QD-UKI partners, all leaders in their fields:

  • Lake Shore – Environment by Janis
  • Lake Shore Cryotronics
  • Montana Instruments
  • NanOsc
  • And… introducing our newest principal, Renaissance Scientific.

Renaissance Scientific Cryogenic Atomic Force Microscopes

Based on their innovative nanopositioner stages, Renaissance Scientific have brought to the market a solution for bringing AFM to the Cryo domain. With IR, Cantilever and Diamon NV Centre options, these solutions really are at the leading edge.

Renaissance Scientific has qualified the Quantum Design OptiCool for SPM, Ren-Sci will guarantee performance of their AFMs with the OptiCool.  Most liquid helium cryostats are compatible, though check with us to make sure.


Renaissance Scientific Cryogenic Nanopositioning Stages

A nanopositioner is a piezo driven motion stage that very commonly employs the slip-stick principle. Ranges of motion are typically millimeters (5, 15 and 20 mm travel options available). While minimum step sizes can be small (single nm are achievable).

The Ren-Sci motors were designed to have much lower capacitance than conventional solutions for cryogenic motors. Competitor motors run lower voltages (30-70V) and higher currents (10s of Amps). Ren-Sci chose to do the opposite; their voltages are 50-600 V and source only 100s of mA, reducing heat load.


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The partnerships between QDUKI and Lake Shore, Montana Instruments, NanOsc and now Renaissance Scientific, combine the knowledge and application expertise of these industry leaders in scientific measurement, characterisation, and test to deliver best-in-class solutions to the research community.





Perfect for measuring magnetic fields in a wide variety of applications, the new Lake Shore Cryotronics F71 and F41 teslameters with FP Series probes offer a new level of precision, convenience, and dependability.




We’d be happy to chat with you about your applications and areas of research. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated technical experts here at QDUKI…


Dr. Shayz Ikram

Technical Sales Director

  • QD Systems
  • Janis Cryostats

Email Shayz

Dr. Satyam Ladva

Technical Sales Manager

  • Lake Shore Temperature Products

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Dr. Luke Nicholls

Technical Sales Engineer

  • Montana Instruments Cryostats

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