Quantum Design Announces the Next Generation of Helium Recovery!

Introducing the new range of NexGen & ATL Liquefiers and Purifiers

Quantum Design’s liquefiers and helium recovery systems allow you to recycle the helium gas currently being lost from the normal boil off and helium transfers of your cryogenic instruments. An adaptable helium recycling solution for research and medical cryostats, these helium liquefiers and recovery systems allow you to always have access to a supply of liquid helium without being reliant on suppliers of cryogens or subject to unpredictable price changes.

You will also be doing your part to conserve a precious natural resource which is vital to scientific research and medical treatment.

Liquid Helium Your Way!

Whether you have a large laboratory or small, with many cryogen-using instruments or just one, Quantum Design has a helium recycling option perfectly suited for you. Helium Recycling Systems can be individually configured for a variety of laboratory sizes and types. All recycling systems have fully integrated components with most functions being automated or very easily operated.

Recycling systems can be used with a wide range of cryogenic instruments including NMR, MRI, MEG and other assorted cryostats. Custom fittings and connections are available for a wide range of instruments to allow for seamless integration into your laboratory or scanning center. Fail-safe protections are built into every stage of our recycling systems so that in the occurrence of an accident, the rest of the recycling system and your cryogenic instruments are protected from damage or contamination.

Break your dependence on cryogen suppliers and no longer be subject to higher costs and undependable supply

Back in 2019, Quantum Design announced the official launch of Helium Conservation Day aimed at increasing the awareness for helium conservation around the world.

We also celebrated this on July 10th 2020 – find out more

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