Qseven module with Baytrail CPU

The BVM Group has introduced the BT700 Qseven Computer on Module supporting the latest Baytrail processors from Intel. The Qseven module gives embedded system designers more flexibility in the mechanical configuration of the system and adds the ability to tailor the I/O to the final system’s exact requirements.

The BT700 is a Qseven specification Rev2.0 compliant module, a 70 x 70 mm board that contains the required core functionality: processor, memory, BIOS, LVDS, HDMI and DVI display options, LAN, on-board storage and external interfaces.

Fully supported by Windows 8 Enterprise x64 Operating System, a choice of Intel Atom and Celeron BGA 1170 processors can be specified. A mini-ITX carrier board is available for development and provides the real-world interface connections for evaluation. For production, custom carrier boards can be designed; they can be almost any shape, allowing more compact designs to be realised. BVM offer a design service for custom carrier boards. Removing the rectangular form factor associated with standard SBCs, which can limit the physical design of the host equipment, opens up styling and design options for the system.

The BT700 is highly specified, supporting up to 16GB of on-module memory and with interfaces for USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, PCIe and mini-PCIe slots, video, audio, keyboard and mouse connectors, serial ports, LAN ports, SATA ports and other I/O. In addition, special I/O, power supply, graphics drivers or special networks can also be designed into the carrier board. Two extended temperature versions are available for use in harsh environments.

To download a datasheet, visit www.bvm.co.uk/ProductDetail.asp?fdProductId=1008.

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