Precision fluid dispensing workstation Ultimus V for medical device assembly from Nordson EFD enables significant productivity increase

Medical device assembly is a demanding task that requires very precise control of every step in the process. Applying the correct amount of adhesive or other fluid to join or seal medical devices can be tricky, particularly if done manually.  EFD’s new precision fluid dispensing system Ultimus V eliminates variability by removing operator guesswork from the process.

  • The material to be dispensed is contained in a disposable syringe barrel. The amount applied is determined by a combination of (1) air pressure, (2) dispense time and (3) tip size.
  • To make identical dots or fill cavities with consistent volumes of material, the user adjusts air pressure to achieve the desired flow rate and then sets deposit size with the digital timer.  
  • To apply an identical amount of fluid on each spot, the user just places the dispense tip in position and presses the electric foot pedal.
  • For fluids that change viscosity, the Ultimus V high-precision dispenser can store and automatically adjust dispensing settings to keep the amount of fluid applied constant. 

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YouTube: Nordson EFD Ultimus IV: Setting up to Make Dots /How To

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