Precise temperature measurement with the Pt100 at the extreme limits of what is possible

For many different applications, the extremely precise and stable measurement of temperatures is an absolute prerequisite for the control of processes or the success of product innovations. In addition to the essential precision, particularly important aspects of this are the maintenance of stability when changes occur in the ambient temperature and ensuring long-term stability.

In various applications, our products are being used with great success, such as in the installed nationwide weather stations of the German Weather Service. The modules have to deliver reliable measurement values at all extremes of external tempera­ture. Whether in the winter in the Alps or in the summer at the seaside, Gantner modules are used by the DWD to produce accurate measurements, whatever the ambient temperature.

But even with the development and testing o fair conditioning components for the automobile industry. The extremely high demands for efficiency make it necessary when measuring heat levels to ensure a very precise recording of tempera­tures. For this reason, our modules have been employed in this area for several years.

The following are the most important characteristics of the module A105, which is available as Q.bloxx for top hat rail mounting, as a mobile system Q.brixx or in a 19″ version:

  • 4 galvanically separated input channels for Pt100, Pt1000 and for resistance measurement
  • Measurement precision 0.05 °C
  • Temperature stability 0.02 °C per 10 °K change in ambient temperature
  • Analog/digital conversion 24 bit
  • Filter, linearization, min/max and alarm independently configurable for each channel
  • Versions can be provided for special sensors, for example cryosensors (TVO, Cedrnox)

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