Powelectrics MetronView IIoT cloud now has over half a billion readings

Powelectrics MetronView IIoT cloud now has over half a billion readings ….

Powelectrics’ well-proven, versatile MetronView platform has been actively developed since its launch over ten years ago. Highly scalable ….. all that lovely customer data is securely stored for future analysis.

MetronView collects data from a vast array of sensors, machines and IIoT devices. It gets Powelectrics’ customers’ data flowing … fast … from their first step towards digital transformation to the roll-out of an international estate of connected assets!

MetronView is a ‘universal’ IIoT platform, agile and responsive, collecting data from a vast array of sensors, machines and other devices, via a powerful suite of IIoT building blocks, which integrate GSM/GPRS, Sigfox, LoRa, LoRaWAN, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, CAN, MODBUS & IO-Link.

Generally used as a standalone cloud, with a known and transparent subscription model, MetronView provides current and historic data via customisable dashboards, sends alarms, remotely manages and controls devices in the field and performs mathematical and logical operations, such as anomaly detection.

Its intuitive features include:

  • “CHART ANGEL”. A fantastic feature, which will allow data from several IOT devices to be placed together on one graph for easy identification of operational issues. Customers can now compare the performance of similar assets to identify anomalies.
  • CONFIGURATION WIZARD. Remotely configure devices using a simple, intuitive wizard to define units of measure, sensor types and more and save configurations for future use. No need for training or programming skills.
  • CONFIGURATION LIBRARY. To make life easy, customers can keep a library of regularly used configurations and simply select one for simple configuration … making it incredibly easy to manage devices in the field, whenever you like. Eg) Pre-set configurations for specific tank dimensions. No need for coding skills or technical support.
  • HOVER FUNCTION. Hover anywhere over your graph for exact readings of all channels at a specific point in time.

An interoperable API allows data to be easily drawn into sector and application-specific platforms. 

You can view the MetronView Brochure here.

What can Powelectrics’ MetronView cloud do for you?

Please browse the Powelectrics website www.powelectrics.co.uk and get in touch with any queries about getting your sensor data into the MetronView cloud or applications you would like to discuss. Call the team on +44 1827 310 666, email sales@powelectrics.co.uk or use this contact form.

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