Powelectrics launch new and improved MetronView

Powelectrics has announced the launch of its ‘new, improved’ MetronView.

For the last decade, MetronView has provided customers with a reliable, secure IIoT platform to receive remote sensor data and provide both data and alerts can to unlimited users on any web-enabled device.

Whilst new features were continuously incorporated in response to customer feedback, Powelectrics’ new MetronView not only has a fresh look, but the way the web GUI/interface interacts with the data platform has been completely modernised, ready for future evolutions in response to new customer needs.

It is packed with intuitive new functionality and offers exceptional security, flexibility and aesthetics. Existing users will experience easier navigation, faster operation, clearer charting and improved aesthetics, especially on smaller screens. It will also be easier to manage multiple devices and to interact with third party devices and data sources. To see an overview click here.

Powelectrics is supporting the launch with a series of free webinars. Webinars will be scheduled to last an hour. Attendees may submit questions before and during the webinar and there should be time within these webinars for queries to be answered. Zoom place a limit on the number of attendees, so we recommend early registration to get your preferred time slot.


New features will be standard and existing users do not need to do anything to access them. Simply log on after the launch and they will all be there. These exciting new features include:

  • “Chart Angel”: A fantastic feature, which will allow data from several IoT devices to be placed together on one graph for easy identification of operational issues. Customers can now compare the performance of similar assets to identify anomalies.
  • Configuration Wizard: Remotely configure devices using a simple, intuitive wizard to define units of measure, sensor types and more and save configurations for future use. No need for training or programming skills.
  • Bespoke Configuration Library: To make life easy, customers can keep a library of regularly used configurations and simply select one for simple configuration … making it incredibly easy to manage devices in the field, whenever you like. Eg) Pre-set configurations for specific tank dimensions. No need for coding skills or technical support.
  • Hover Function: Hover anywhere over your graph for exact readings of all channels at a specific.

All previous functionality of MetronView has been retained. As before, Data and alerts can be sent to unlimited users on any web-enabled device allowing multiple stakeholders to benefit from historical and current data. Users can be set up within a hierarchy, so its possible for an individual to see the data and receive alerts for one sensor, a department, a site or all the sites within a company. For example a bulk delivery company could see all their customers tanks, whilst granting each customer visibility of tank levels on just their site(s).

Primarily used as a standalone cloud, its also offers a common API to integrate sensor data to other clouds. The API allows integration to software like Navision, SAP, SCADA and platforms like IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, AWS and Miimetiq. It also allows Powelectrics and its customers to develop application specific portals.

Powelectrics offers 30 years’ experience in sensing and remote monitoring. The company’s ‘connected sensor’ solutions are employed in many industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Adblue, fuels, oils, LPG, lubricants, food and beverage, waste and recycling, landfill and leachate, agriculture, utilities, pumping and environment, rail and security.

To discuss any queries or applications with Powelectrics, please call the company on +44 (0)1827 310 666, use this contact form or send an email to sales@powelectrics.co.uk.

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