Powelectrics Industry 4.0 Metron and MetronView Kit selected by Tela Technology to start customers on their IoT journey

Powelectrics recently commenced a series of technical training sessions with its new partners at Tela Technology.

Tela have operated at the forefront of business communications for over 30 years, providing communication solutions to businesses of all sizes across the UK, encompassing mobile, fixed-line, internet and broadband, IT managed services and increasingly …. IoT connectivity! Powelectrics were delighted to be selected as an IoT partner, based on the company’s 30 years’ experience and its proprietary telemetry hardware and software, so well-proven across diverse business sectors and applications.

Ian Lloyd, Head of IoT, said: “Tela Technology are truly excited about this new alliance relationship with Powelectrics. We have a large, existing client base, most of whom will benefit enormously from embracing the Internet of Things.

“Generating efficiencies through IoT is an obvious evolution for business. Covid-19 has really highlighted the efficiency and safety advantages of remote connectivity.

“We are expanding our offering to help customers harness those, with a range of solutions, starting that IoT journey with Powelectrics proven telemetry hardware and software.”

Dave Oakes, Powelectrics MD, said: “Tela understand that connectivity is essential to gain maximum benefit from your sensor data. We are delighted to be selected as their first IoT partner and look forward to supporting them as they engage customers, guiding them on an IoT journey with our suite of intuitive, flexible and proven tools to enable process optimisation, forecasting and strategic decision-making.”

Powelectrics Metron4 m2m hardware and MetronView cloud are deployed globally, in many industries encompassing chemical, pharmaceutical, Adblue, fuel, oil, food manufacture, waste and recycling, agriculture, utilities, pumping, metering, the environment, rail and security.

They are used to:

  • Drive down costs by enabling decision-making based on current sensor data.
  • Improve reliability through condition monitoring – using data to respond promptly to developing maintenance needs.
  • Offer customers addition revenue streams, for example through offering Platform as a Service and selling data along with sensors.

Powelectrics welcomes your enquiries: www.powelectrics.co.uk  sales@powelectrics.co.uk   +44 1827 310 666

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