Powelectrics IIoT technology helps United Utilities improve efficiency and drive performance

The Task

United Utilities deliver 1.8 billion litres of water a day in North West England. Combined Heat & Power (CHP) engines on wastewater treatment plants run on biogas from the wastewater process, creating heat and electrical power, both valuable outputs. The heat is returned to the digestion process and the power is primarily used onsite, with any excess sold to the National Grid. The team wanted to monitor engines to improve efficiency and drive performance, but connecting the engines to SCADA couldn’t be justified financially or within acceptable timeframes.

The Solution

Powelectrics telemetry devices were installed on the whole estate of  United Utilities CHP engines and a custom portal developed to show engine status- Running, stopped but available, tripped and … stopped for maintenance. This data allows UU to accurately see the Mean Time to Repair, Mean Time to Breakdown and availability of the fleet and therefore, help to drive better performance.

The Result

Multiple United Utilities stakeholders can see status of all CHP engine types on a single portal, with data used to monitor performance and identify general maintenance issues and those related to specific assets. Improved efficiency increases the cost savings from heat production and income from energy sales.


  • Simple retrofit
  • Fast, inexpensive solution
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved profitability

“I was recommended to Powelectrics by colleagues. We’re delighted with the reliability of the hardware, the speed of development of the custom portal and the overall effectiveness of this IIoT solution. Powelectrics have been customer-focused throughout. Our Systems Thinking approach depends on accurate data management and visibility in real time. We are now able to see all the data in one place, helping us improve renewable energy performance, reduce our carbon footprint, and ultimately deliver better service and lower costs to our customers,” comments Andy Parker, Energy Generation Operations & Maintenance Manager.

Learn more about: Powelectrics Remote Monitoring IIoT Solutions for Pumping & Utilities

Learn more about: Powelectrics IIoT Solutions for Water &_Wastewater.pdf (powelectrics.co.uk)

Powelectrics offers over 30 years of expertise and practical experience in instrumentation and digitalisation, delivering IIoT solutions globally.

Powelectrics’ versatile suite of IIoT technologies allows data from a broad range of sensors, machines and IIoT devices to be reported to a single, customisable platform, generating bespoke reports and alerts to ensure that construction projects are delivered effectively.

What can Powelectrics do for you?

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