Photonex 2014 preview

The Alrad Photonics stand at Photonex will, once again, show a number of new products this year. These include the new Coherent StingRay SD pattern generating laser which re-sets the standard in 3D Machine Vision applications by producing very high power, thin and uniform laser lines that do not mask the profile of the object, which is critical in applications in Bio instrumenta­tion and Laser Measurement and Control.

Bach Research takes tremendous pride in the art of crafting diffraction gratings and providing solutions to difficult technological challenges. They can manufacture gratings for use in numerous applications from the near UV to the far IR all the way down to the X-ray. They can create original gratings and replicas on a variety of material and in unique configurations.

Greenteg gSKIN radiation detectors are highly sensitive thermal detectors with a flat sensitivity curve across a broad spectral range up to 15 micron. They are ultra low noise devices with a fast response and compact design. They can measure between 100 µW to 16 Watts with a linear power response.

The new gSKIN position sensors give absolute power sensing of laser beams using a highly sensitive thermopile sensor. They are sensitive to all wavelengths from UV to mid IR and have a wide power range from µW to Watts. They are tolerant to beam angle and have a compact and robust design for system integration.

They will also be featuring filters and optics from Reynard and compact laser diode modules from World Star Technologies

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