PermaNET+ helps to maintain supply to London’s NHS Nightingale Hospital

HWM has supported the fight against COVID-19 by providing the smart technology that helped Thames Water plug a hidden leak that could have affected supplies to a specialist coronavirus hospital.

With the deployment of GPRS and new NBIoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) acoustic loggers, tiny microphones  attached to pipes that supply NHS Nightingale Hospital in London’s Docklands picked up on the tell-tale sound of leaking water and sent a remote alarm to Thames Water’s leakage detection teams.

Engineers dispatched to the scene found a 12-inch main that was leaking into a sewer, as well as a leaking fire hydrant, and worked through the night to fix them.

Thames Water staff have been classified as key workers during the coronavirus pandemic to help ensure essential water and sewage services are maintained across London and the Thames Valley.

David Gable, Thames Water acoustic logger field manager, said: “Without this new technology, these leaks on the pipes that supply the NHS Nightingale Hospital may not have been detected until they were much worse.  This almost certainly prevented a possible loss of supply to the hospital.”

HWM’s NBIoT-enabled PermaNET+ acoustic loggers deliver advanced performance in comparison to 2G/3G communications, providing a reliable transfer of data in traditionally poor signal areas and challenging chambers.  NBIoT cellular telemetry is available in both our PermaNET SU and PermaNET+ data loggers.

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