PCI Instruments goes from strength to strength

PCI Instruments, based in Southport, is a British success story. Initially set up to look for hygienic and chemical resistant instruments, the family-run business now manufactures high quality process instrumentation and diaphragm seals and supplies products to the pharmaceutical, food processing, dairy, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries. PCI Instruments strives to show that their instruments are the best possible quality. The company’s ethos that “quality matters most” is carried right the way through its product range from the materials sourced to production; even the company’s packaging is designed with quality in mind.

All of PCI’s business comes from word of mouth recommendations from happy customers that have dealt with them for many years. This positivity surrounding PCI’s products and a growing customer base means that the company now has plans to expand. Adam Slater, sales administrator at the company, explains: “We have continued to install new machinery in our unit this past year, in order to expand production further. This was on the back of a move of premises from the year before that which doubled our square footage and our production capacity. We have also this year opened a branch in Aberdeen to cater specifically for the offshore Oil & Gas industry in the North Sea.”

The company’s wide range of products include pressure gauges, temperature gauges, diaphragm seals, pressure transmitters, thermowells, resistance thermometers, thermocouples and many other related products. PCI’s seals are designed with a low fill fluid capacity to minimise errors in measurement and they have a supported diaphragm to reduce the chances of failure and contamination of the process. The seal systems are filled under turbo vacuum to extract the maximum amount of air from both the system and fill fluid, which itself maximises the accuracy of the instrument reading.

PCI has the ability to weld a single exotic metal diaphragm foil across all wetted parts, not just the sensing part of the diaphragm. This can be done with a host of different metals from Tantalum to Zirconium and ensures the weld maintains its integrity under a variety of extreme conditions. Each diaphragm seal system is designed with the company’s quality ethos in mind and are bespoke to particular industry and process requirements

So, with an eye on the coronavirus pandemic, what does the future hold for PCI Instruments? Slater answers: “We want to work closely with valued customers and suppliers to help where we can to assist with the recovery of industries from the financial effects of Covid 19. We will also continue our growth across all sectors around the world and with a particular emphasis on Oil & Gas.”

To find out more about PCI Instruments, please visit www.pci-instruments.com/.

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