Partnering with global suppliers to eradicate a common enemy

Smiths Interconnect is collaborating with leading medical technology organisations around the world to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The company has long been a trusted partner to key ventilator manufacturers providing high reliability connectors renowned for their durability and unfaltering performance in critical environments.

As a global organisation with design and manufacturing locations in North Africa, APAC, the Americas and Europe, Smiths Interconnect recognises foremost the necessity of working across nationalities, time zones and cultures.  It is at the forefront of the company’s operating model and at the heart of how it supports its customers in times of crisis.

While governments around the globe increasingly appeal for quick delivery of even more life-saving ventilators, Interconnect is hard at work producing the connectivity solutions needed to ensure this urgent need is addressed.

Currently the company’s teams in Asia, the Americas and Europe are supporting programs to deliver connectors for ventilator production and delivery within those regions.  These are products the company has provided for many years including among others:

  • KNB Series – a board-to-board connector with Hypertac hyperboloid technology utilised within a French-made portable ventilator found in ambulances, ambulatory helicopters and hospitals.
  • D Series – a push-pull, hyperboloid circular connector used to provide power to a US developed; Asia manufactured ventilator system.
  • Spring Probe Interposers – board-to-board connectors with spring probe contacts used for mating with replaceable battery packs in a UK developed breathing system.

Production volumes are ramping up quickly, and Smiths Interconnect is honoured to be part of the worldwide effort to meet this challenge.

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