New SST300 Series

Variohm EuroSensor’s new SST300 series single or dual axis inclinometers offer extremely high precision performance with a combined absolute accuracy to +/- 0.01º, and linearity of +/- 0.06% F.S., ...

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AQE 2015 to focus on ways to improve air quality and emissions monitoring

AQE 2015, the international Air Quality and Emissions show, will take place in Telford, UK, on 22nd and 23rd April. Created to provide an update on the latest regulations, technologies, methods and research in air quality and emissions monitoring, AQE 2015 will run at a time when concern with air …

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Nordson EFD PICO® Jet dispensing system

No contact. Extremely accurate. Fast

Dispenses a wide range of low to high viscosity fluids Can apply consistent shots as small as 2 nanoliters at speeds up to 150 dots per second Combine high ...

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AMETEK LAND launches Cyclops Logger App

AMETEK LAND, working in non contact temperature measurement for industries such as steel, glass and cement, has launched a new App for Cyclops, its portable thermometer.

The Cyclops Logger App, ...

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