Omron Evaluation Board fast tracks IoT sensor system development

A new Sensor Evaluation Board from Omron Electronic Components Europe gives developers working on sensor systems for the IoT a fast track to a ‘proof of concept’ prototype hosted on Raspberry Pi, Arduino or Adafruit Feather. The board comes equipped with sensors for six popular environmental parameters, is supported by data acquisition software and features expansion connectors to interface to Omron and other manufacturers’ sensors.

The new Omron 2JCIE-EV01 Sensor Evaluation Board comes equipped with sensors to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, light, sound and acceleration. An on-board connector allows it to be expanded with the Omron D6T thermal sensor, D6F-PH MEMS differential pressure sensor, B5W-LB optical sensor or B5W-LD air quality / dust sensor. A further connector allows any Qwiic compatible sensor to be connected to the board. Omron has supplied code for the required sensor data acquisition program on GitHub.

Commenting, Gabriele Fulco, European Product Marketing Manager of Omron Electronic Components Europe said, “The IoT is leading to extremely fast growth in the sensor market: Yole is forecasting a CAGR of 18.2%. There are a lot of developers working in this field, and, with the launch of this module, Omron is making their life much easier by eliminating the need to create a hardware and software interface before evaluating a sensor. Customers just need to connect the host board, load the software and can be acquiring useable data within an hour.”

The Evaluation Board’s internal sensor is based on Omron’s 2JCIE-BL01 USB environmental sensor module. The board features an internal data logging capability and can accumulate data for approx. 3 months (based on a communication frequency of once every 5 mins). In addition to the host board it can connect to multiple devices, such as smartphones, via Bluetooth 5.0. Bespoke threshold values can be set to provide alerts that notify the user of any abnormal sensor readings.

Omron is offering three separate variants of the 2JCIE-EV01 Sensor Evaluation Board depending on whether customers want to host their prototype on Raspberry Pi, Arduino or Adafruit Feather.

Please click here to view new Omron 2JCIE-EV01

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