Nordson EFD PICO ® Jet dispensing system

No contact. Extremely accurate. Fast

  • Dispenses a wide range of low to high viscosity fluids
  • Can apply consistent shots as small as 2 nanoliters at speeds up to 150 dots per second
  • Combine high production speed with exceptional accuracy and process control
  • Ideal  for high-speed, high volume applications that require many small, precise fluid deposits.
  • The valve nozzle does not contact the substrate, ideal for applications where controlled amounts of fluid must be applied on surfaces that are not perfectly flat, such as printed circuit boards.
  • Eliminates the contact with the substrate and  the need for vertical Z-axis movement and precise height positioning, which can significantly increase production speeds.
  • Huge range of possible applications: electronics (bonding cell phone speakers with UV-cure adhesives), life sciences (attaching needles to medical syringes), and precision mechanical applications (jetting small amounts of grease on micro gears).
  • Easy to set up on Nordson EFD’s automated desktop and in-line dispensing systems three or four axis for simple programming of dots, stripes, arcs, compound arcs and patterns on different planes.
  • The NEW modular version now available featuring interchangeable components to accommodate particular fluids and applications


Nordson EFD – Dunstable – U.K. – phone +44 1582 666334


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