Non-intrusive level measurement for conductive products

New to Fluidwell Instruments’ Triflex level detection sensor family is the LNI 250, capable of reliably measuring the level of conductive material in a non-metallic tank – from the outside. As there is no contact with the product there is no risk of contamination. Not only is the sensor suitable for small/complicated tanks as well as those that aren’t transparent, but it is suitable for aggressive materials or environments and is insensitive to changing process conditions inside a tank.

The patented Triflex LNI 250 incorporates Field Time Control Technology (FTC) which generates an electric field between a transmitting electrode and multiple receiving electrodes. The cycle time of the FTC level sensor changes as soon as the solid particles are detected by this electric field. Advanced multiple receiver circuitry has been designed for reliably detecting various bulk products (even with extremely low dielectric constants). The results are higher signals with less variation for increased reliability.

The sensor is said to be suited to a wide range of applications, in particular in industries with conductive bulk products, where product contact needs to be avoided, where placement of a sensor inside a tank is not possible due to the construction of the tank, or where the environment inside the tank is highly abrasive.


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