New water control and analysis system uses plug-in ‘sensor cubes’ to monitor essential water processing parameters

This June, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems held a major international press conference at its facility in France in which it introduced two brand new products to market. Here we will concentrate on its innovative online analysis system for water processing, but we will then introduce its second product next month, before taking an in-depth look at the technology and applications for this in October.

So, firstly, monitoring. Often when continuously analysing water parameters, different systems with separate displays, different controls and individual sensors are necessary. Now, however, Bürkert has developed a new water control and analysis system designed to perform monitoring and analysis tasks during water processing. Using ‘smart Sensor Cubes’, the Online Analysis System Type 8905 can be used to monitor and control five measurement parameters – pH, chlorine, conductivity, ORP and turbidity – from one single unit.

The Sensor Cubes are simply plugged directly into the main unit without the need for wiring. These are held in the lower half of the unit and are plugged into the controller’s backplane, connecting the sensors to the power supply, internal serial bus and fluidic connections. Each

of the Cubes has the same dimensions and connections, so can therefore be plugged in and removed while the unit is operational. When a new Sensor Cube is plugged in, it registers with the system and makes its features available to all other modules present in the system. The sensor itself stores its calibration data and the menus needed for operation, as well as the configuration and specific functions.

The top half of the unit contains the electronic control, a 7in touchscreen display and comms modules. USB, Ethernet and fieldbus connectivity offer easy integration and flexible communications options.

According to the company, the complete system is designed to provide all the necessary analysis data as well as the ability to act as a data logger. For applications where multiple water flows need to be analysed, it is already possible to link up to 30 analysis Sensor Cubes and combine their operational controls to a single touch-screen display.

As for the future, Bürkert will be developing additional analysis Cubes to measure other parameters as well as increasing the expansion capabilities, the company explains.

The scope of the system is initially optimised for applications in waterworks. As an example, it supports the drinking water treatment specialist in his daily work, and can contribute to cost-effective and safe drinking water production through optimisation of the controls for single process steps.

The new system is based on the company’s Efficient Device Integration Platform – EDIP – a concept which allows a level of flexibility by offering modularity in the hardware as well as the system software.

Additional information on the new analysis system and its Smart Sensor Cubes can be found on

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems 

T: 01285 648720

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