New – UKAS Humidity Calibration Services

Young Calibration continues to expand its’ UKAS accredited calibration services with an emphasis towards the medical, pharmaceutical, and environmental instrumentation sectors. Recent upgrades to schedule have included the addition of relative humidity, dew point and temperature calibration services.

ISO 17025 Accredited Relative Humidity Calibration and Dew Point Calibration

To further support the pharmaceutical and environmental monitoring sectors the company was recently approved for its extension to scope for dew point calibration across -32 to 60°C and relative humidity from 5 to 95% across a temperature range of 0 to 60°C. Utilising both controlled environment chambers with reference high precision probes and a MBW chilled mirror the facility can achieve an uncertainty CMC of 0.2% to 1.9% across the full temperature range of 0-60°C whilst achieving a 0.31°C CMC for dew point measurement. Further accreditation has been granted for the onsite calibration of relative humidity probes for customers requiring reduced downtimes and complete flexibility of service. Customers can now benefit from complete system calibrations for their indoor air quality meters (IQA), Ventilator analysers, thermo-hygrometers and weather stations. Full UKAS accreditation of the instrument maintains good regulatory practice and complies with ISO  9001, GMP, GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

UKAS Anemometer Calibration complete with system parameter accreditation for temperature, barometric pressure, differential pressure, and humidity is available for all anemometer types, including ultrasonic, thermal, vane, rotating cup, pitot tube and isokinetic probes across 0.05 to 80 m/s. With both open and closed jet wind tunnels offering ISO 17025 accredited calibrations, cross correlation comparisons and blockage corrections can be conducted for a rage of air speed devices. Air velocity calibrations of stack emissions isokinetic sampling probes, L pitot tubes, S Pitot tubes and the generation of pitot tube coefficients, gamma and/or K factors up to an air velocity of 80 m/s. The internal laboratory procedures cover the requirements for emissions sampling to ISO 10780 and ISO 3966 and the requirements of the Source Testing Association (STA). The facility is highly adapted towards the reference meter and master range of air velocity sensors with an available CMC from ± 0.15% + 0.0002 m/s for pitot probes and ± 0.16% + 0.0003 m/s for thermal and ultrasonic anemometers.

UKAS Air Flow Calibration for all volume and mass flowmeters, including the popular VA or rotameter tube and float style meters, turbine meters, duct flow grids, MFM and MFC, laminar and viscous flowmeters, vortex, thermal, piston and bubble flowmeters. The accredited air flow laboratory has a range of 1 cc/min to 1.25 m3/s and is one the UK’s leading versatile flow facilities. Options are available for suction, blown and pressurised calibrations with a CMC from ± 0.52% of reading. Industry sector flow calibrations are conducted for HVAC duct meters, automotive air intake, compressed air flowmeters, balometers, fume hoods and environmental air samplers.

UKAS Temperature Calibration, now available for the calibration of temperature probes thermocouples, liquid bath and dry block calibrators across a range of -40 to 200°C. System measurements are derived from multiple secondary reference probes and stirred liquid baths, with a CMC available from ± 0.05°C across the 0 to 200°C temperature range. Additional air probe calibrations can be undertaken in a controlled environment air chamber across 0 to 60°C with a CMC from 0.19°C. The facility is available to calibrate a wide range of thermal sensing probes, indicators and dataloggers along with our previous UKAS accreditation for temperature simulation calibration of controllers, readouts and indicators. A range of these accredited services are also available for onsite calibration.

Hydraulic Oil Flowmeter Calibration covering 0.01 to 700 l/min on mineral oil with a viscosity range of 1 – 40 cSt for the calibration of all hydraulic flowmeters, including turbines, positive displacement, gear, helical and coriolis flowmeters. Alternative fluids are available for flow calibrations on ISO 4113, IPA, JET-A1, AVGAS and dielectric fluids. A comprehensive range of aviation fuels and oils are available locally for quick turnaround calibrations. Having a complete range of transfer standard flowmeters backed up with gravimetric primary standard the Youngs’ laboratory is one the UK’s most versatile facilities offering quick, reliable and cost-effective meter calibration.

UKAS Onsite Calibration covering mainland, offshore and remote outposts throughout the world, calibrations are available for absolute pressure, gauge pressure, relative humidity, temperature, frequency, resistance, voltage, current and temperature simulation. All Calibration Engineers are experienced in a range of instruments installed within production lines, manufacturing plants, medical service centres and test houses.


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