New STEM lesson plans from RS Components explore the technology and teamwork that drive a winning racing team

RS Components (RS) has unveiled the latest in its Imagine-X series of online STEM lesson plans, which provide teachers in the UK with free curriculum-aligned resources for pupils aged 7–14. The new lessons, entitled Driven to Inspire: The Science of Going Fast, are themed around motorsport, bringing them to life by showcasing the skills and achievements of PDC Racing, a UK-based race team whose professional careers span a variety of STEM roles, and who bring their expertise and inspiration to the track at weekends as race drivers, mechanics and engineers.

In these lessons, students are introduced to PDC Racing team member Dr Esther Quaintmere and her colleagues, who explain the formula for Outstanding Teamwork + Brilliant Engineering Minds = A Winning Race Team. The lessons provide an insight into how knowledge gained in the classroom will apply in the world of motorsport.

This theme looks deep into the skills and knowledge gained from science, technology, physics, engineering and maths to support motorsport. Promoting the importance of teamwork, diversity and inclusivity within motorsport; whilst exploring the future of engineering as autonomous technology becomes readily available.

These two new lesson plans, designed for use at home or in school, aimed at primary, and secondary school students, look into the fundamental principles of the physics that get a racing car to the top of the leaderboard and the importance of the teamwork needed to keep it there.

The lesson plans will teach young people skills in:

  • Identifying racing track conditions and the appropriate car parts
  • Working as part of a team
  • Racing car design and engineering
  • Applying technical physics, computational thinking and engineering knowledge to the design process
  • Testing and evaluating racing car performance
  • Thinking creatively while adapting and amending designs
  • Understanding autonomous technologies and the importance of accessibility in motorsports
  • Using and understanding computer software, with the inclusion of a simulation game incorporated with the lesson plans

“Motorsport is an ideal way to learn STEM skills, from the science behind the design and performance of the cars, the technology involved in making them reliable and fast, the engineering in the build and maintenance, and the mathematics to devise the racing line around the circuit,” commented Laura Giddings, STEM Education Manager at RS, “Working together with the PDC team has enabled us to create a set of fun lessons that will engage young people at a practical level and perhaps inspire them to take their skills forward into STEM careers of their own.”

The lesson plans are available to download now from

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