New SnapIN bezel for 2×16 display

MMS Electronics Ltd stocks a large selection of bezels for use with LCD displays. The latest addition is MS B162_63x15 snap IN bezel with a 63×15 mm clear window and module size of 96×56 mm. This bezel is ideal for a 2×16 display. Display modules with 84×44 mm outline screw directly to the bezel with 4 small screws. These 4 standoffs could also be used to fasten a PCB to the bezel.

MMS Electronics supplies many different bezels that give a product that professional look. The EA 017 bezel series is made from a black ABS material with scratch resistant and structured surface. These bezels have the option for a 1mm clear window or an anti-glare window. The bezels are glued into the front panel of the product. Bezels for 1×16, 2×16, 2×20, 4×20, 4×20 and 4×40 displays are available. Check the website for list of all available bezel sizes.

MMS Electronics Ltd is a supplier of quality LCD, TFT, OLED, DOG (Chip-on-glass) displays, ePAPER, wireless displays and intelligent graphic displays.


MMS Electronics Ltd

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