New SIRIUS Module handles externally polarised microphones

Dewesoft announce the release of SIRIUS MIC200. SIRIUS DAQ systems have long supported IEPE and pre-polarised microphones, but externally polarised microphones have required an external 200V power supply. But now, SIRIUS MIC200 combines a high dynamic, high speed DAQ system with a completely integrated 200V microphone preamp. The main benefit of external polarisation is more freedom of choice in microphones. Externally polarised microphones are advantageous when:

  • High temporal stability is required
  • High temperatures are expected (120 to 150 °C)
  • High amplitude signals are expected
  • Higher-than-normal frequencies must be measured
  • Highest grade of accuracy and low noise floor are required
  • SIRIUS MIC200 Main Features:
  • High dynamic capabilities (-160 dB)
  • High acquisition rate (200 kS/s)
  • High channel-to-channel isolation
  • Multi-brand microphone support
  • TEDS support (Class 2)
  • Preamplifier excitation (± 14 V)
  • Reference test signal input

Two Models to Choose From:

SIRIUS MIC200 is available as an 8 channel MIC200 module, or as a combination of 4 x MIC200 channels for mics that require 200V power, and 4 x ACC/ACC+ channels for IEPE / pre-polarised microphones.

Software Included

All Dewesoft DAQ systems include award-winning DewesoftX software. DewesoftX combines data recording features from several data interfaces as well as packs in very strong signal processing features for vibration analysis, structural dynamics, vehicle testing, NVH, power analysis, acoustics, aerospace, monitoring and more. DewesoftX offers advanced data recording, data analysis, data visualisation, reporting features, and more.

For more information about the SIRIUS MIC200 amplifier, please visit:

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