New RIGOL M301 makes Multi-Channel Volts/Temperature Monitoring easy…

…M300 DMM DAQ/Switch solutions for all your product-proving HALT/HASS

Watch the snappy setup video:

Proving your product quality and stringent safety, EMC and power testing are all placing increasing demands on UK Engineers for flexible sensor monitoring and data logging. 

M301 RIGOL UK Data Logger Acquisition SystemNow Telonic Instruments Ltd. has released the new RIGOL M301 and more UK educational videos showing how easy it is to record your essential product-proving data.

Every electrical and electronic device to be placed on the market in the EU must comply with electrical safety standards and also meet the requirements for electrical emissions as well as stringent customer requirements for power drain, temperature and fault The exact standards that must be complied with depend on the product type. A “CE” mark is attached to the product and a CE Certificate of Compliance, listing the standards complied with must be enclosed with the product or be made available on request.

For many electrical and electronic products environmental tests such as shock, vibration, temperature and humidity will need to stress the device under test and accelerate ageing, to assess the likely reliability of the product during its operational lifetime. These Tests are known as HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) and each can require a very different and flexible data acquisition solution. HALT is applied to the electrical and electronic products during their design phase. Such testing capabilities can help reveal possible problems during the lifetime, as long as you have chosen a highly adaptable acquisition system…

Now a new highly cost-effective and flexible data acquisition system is available at using the M301 System and a wide range of optional modules.  With industry led design, M301 is optimized for general purpose temperature, resistance, and voltage scanning. M301 can adapt into roles of multi-channel DMM, reliable data-logger, data acquisition, multiplexer, actuator, or switch matrix/control system. It provides accurate, repeatable measurements from up to 320 Chan per system. supported with a flexible range of modules to handle all of your DAQ system requirements.

The system is referred to as M300 – and M301 is the order code for the highly flexible five-slot M300 Data Acquisition system rack plus one powerful MC3068 DMM Module (can be used in one card slot) supplied together at an attractive combined price. The flexible architecture helps RIGOL to offer an extremely attractive total system cost optimized for general purpose monitoring requirements.

M300 Features:

  • Up to 320 switch channels per mainframe
  • Integrated DMM scanning of up to 256 channels at up to 250 channels/sec
  • Interval scanning with storage of up to 100,000 time-stamped readings
  • 10 different available modules including the MC3065 6.5 DMM module (this module is included in the mainframe model M301)
  • 4.3′ LCD Display with intuitive GUI for easy front panel configuration without a PC
  • Powerful UltraAcquire data acquisition PC software for power users
  • Connect via USB, GPIB, LAN (LXI-C), or RS-232
  • Store configurations or log readings to a USB memory stick automatically

With an adaptable HALT and HASS solution, detect your quality issues during your early design phase. This saves time and money, as the later in the developing phase problems are found, the more expensive and time consuming design changes become.  With RIGOL’s M301, discovering the response of your product and scanning and logging your results from such stress testing effectively gives designers a powerful edge: the possibility to change your designs and the production processes to improve the quality of your new product most cost effectively.

To see how quick and easy it is to get started with real live M300 monitoring e.g. Voltage and Temperature, view our 3-minue video demo of  RIGOL M301 “out-of-box setup demo video” at:

Extremely flexible:  examples of how adaptable M301 can be by choosing optional modules:


32-channel multiplexer
All 32 channels switch both HI and LO inputs
Support 4-wire measurement
(MTB32 easy-terminal box available +£49+VAT)
Interoperates with M301 built-in DMM


64-channel single-ended multiplexer
All 64 channels can switch HI input only (not 4-Wire)
(MTB64 easy-terminal box available +£49+VAT)
Interoperates with M301 built-in DMM


32-channel reed multiplexer
All 32 channels can switch both HI and LO inputs
Supports 4-wire measurement
(MTB32 easy-terminal box available +£49+VAT)
Interoperates with M301 built-in DMM


64-channel single-ended reed multiplexer
All 64 channels can switch HI input only (not 4-Wire)
(MTB64 easy-terminal box available +£49+VAT)
Interoperates with M301 built-in DMM


Mix multiplexer with 20 voltage channels and 4 current channels
All 20 voltage channels switch both HI and LO inputs
20 voltage channels supports 4-wire measurement
4 current channels are used to measure DC current or AC current
(MTB24 easy-terminal box available +£49+VAT)
Interoperates with M301 built-in DMM


16-channel actuator
Can connect signal to device under test or enable external device
Any of the 16 channels can switch to Normally-Open(NO) and Normally-Closed (NC) states
(MTB16 easy-terminal box available +£49+VAT)


Multifunction module
DIO: four 8-bit digital input/output ports
TOT: four totalizer input terminals
DAC: four analog output terminals
(MTB34 easy-terminal box available +£49+VAT)


4×8 two-wire matrix switch
used to connect multiple devices to multiple points on DUT32 two-wire cross points which can connect any combination of inputs and outputs at the same time
(MTB48 easy-terminal box available +£49+VAT)


Dual 4-channel RF multiplexer
consists of two independent 4-to-1 multiplexers and can switch high frequency signal or pulse signal


Example easy-Terminal Box (MC3132/ MC3232)

RIGOL M301 Table of Modules MC3132

For technical sales service on any of these systems or configurations, talk to the professional engineers at Telonic Ltd’s RIGOL Team:

The RIGOL-UK Team –

Telonic Instruments Ltd

Toutley Industrial Estate, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 1QN. U.K.

Tel:  +44 (0) 118 978 6911

Fax: +44 (0) 118 979 2338



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