New reichelt elektronik logistics centre lays the foundations for further growth in Europe

reichelt has opened a brand new logistics centre in Sande, Germany, following a successful launch in the UK last year.

It has expanded its warehouse logistics to a capacity of 150,000 items for further international development.

Growth from humble beginnings

The company moved to Sande from Wilhelmshaven in 1996, building a new base with an automated system to handle 7,000 products, marking a milestone from their humble beginnings in 1969 with their first product launch. The centre offers a step-by-step expansion, eventually allowing production for 150,000 items. The reichelt range already comprises 75,000 articles in the fields of electronic components, tools, PC and network technology and consumer electronics.

International markets in perspective

In the future, the company intends to expand its activities to other European countries. In 2010, reichelt opened an online shop for Austria and Switzerland, while expansion to the UK in 2016 has been very successful. Revenue from the rest of Europe accounts for about ten percent of total revenues and is therefore an important factor for the company. In April, the company is taking the next step towards international development and is expanding its business to France, with additional countries already being planned.

Equipped for the future

“Our successes in Austria, Switzerland and the UK show us that our concept, high quality at fair prices and short delivery times, is also well received outside of Germany,” commented Ulf Timmermann, Managing Director at reichelt elektronik. “With the opening of the logistics centre, a highly modern, scalable logistics system is at hand, which, through its fast processes and cost control, forms the basis for the further development of the company. We can grow 25,000 items per expansion stage in only three additional steps. The total capacity is 150,000 items. As far as shipping is concerned, we can already handle 10,000 packages per day, so we are well equipped for the near and the distant future.”

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