New miniature press force sensor features high sensitivity to capture very small forces

Kistler‘s new press force sensor measures very small forces. The centrepiece of the product is a newly developed, highly sensitive crystal that guarantees extremely precise measuring results. This makes the 9323AAA ideal for use in challenging industrial environments.

The new 9323AAA miniature press force sensor from Kistler: the key to measuring extremely small forces of under 5 N. For manufacturers and suppliers of components for the automotive industry, semiconductors, electrical equipment and medtech devices, this sensor guarantees reliable processing of the very smallest parts.

The trend toward miniaturisation is unstoppable. Automotive parts, semiconductors, electrical components and medtech devices: in almost every industry, products now have to combine increasingly compact dimensions with higher performance. And that poses major challenges for manufacturers and suppliers, who have to achieve maximum accuracy when processing these high-precision lightweight parts.

Long-established force press sensor product family gains a new member

Exact force measurements play an essential role in the production of small components such as these. The Kistler Group has now responded to this need by adding a new model to its existing portfolio of force sensors. The new 9323AAA miniature piezoelectric force sensor was developed on the basis of the long-established 9323 product family. It offers an excellent solution for calibrating force sensors installed in production machinery.

Far higher sensitivity thanks to new quartz

With a sensitivity of -32 pC/N, the new sensor can accurately measure forces of less than 5 N. To achieve this, the measurement technology experts at Kistler have developed a new crystal. Kistler grows these crystals itself at its Winterthur headquarters, and they are installed in the tried-and-tested sensor cases of the 9323 product family. This gives the new sensor many of the same benefits as the established models, including proven insensitivity to lateral load and bending moment influences.

Ideal for use in highly dynamic production processes

No other product on the market can match the high-precision measuring range of the 9323AAA miniature force press sensor. This makes it the solution of choice for measuring very small forces in highly dynamic production processes where high accuracy is absolutely essential. The new miniature force press sensor is now available throughout the world.

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