New, Impressive high contrast OLED displays

MMS Electronics Ltd now offers four models of the EA OLED displays. A small graphic EA OLEDS102-6 (102×64 pixel), a medium size EA OLEDM128-6 (128×64 / 51×31 VA) and the larger EA OLEDL128-6 (128×64 /  64×37 VA). The EA OLEDM204 is an alphanumeric OLED display that can be set-up as a 4×20, 3×20 or 2×20 display.

The displays are a slim design and can plugged into a 0.1” pitch socket or soldered directly into the PCB. No ZIF sockets, fasteners or glueing is required hence saving assembly cost. The displays offer excellent readability, high contrast, wide viewing angle and fast response time over the whole temperature range of -40°C to +80°C. SPI and I2C Interface. The displays have a scratch and UV protective glass with a polarizer for a deep black background. Displays without the protective glass are also available.

The graphic EA OLEDS102-6 102×64 pixel has a module size of 39 x 37 mm with view area of 36x25mm. A graphic display this size can show 8 lines of 17 char or 4 lines of 12 larger characters.

The graphic EA OLEDL128-6 module size is 67.8 x 47.9 mm with view area 64 x 37 mm. Interface is SPI and I2C with integrated SSD1309 controller. The connecting pins on the displays are a 2.54mm (0.1 in) pitch. Display can be soldered directly into the PCB or plugged into a socket.

The new EA 9781-1USB evaluation board allows a rapid start to be made on development projects involving the OLED displays. The PCB drives all display modules of these product lines and, when combined with the free PC software StartOLED.exe, enables all OLED displays to be tested rapidly. Simply install the software and connect the USB cable to the evaluation board and extremely quickly and with minimum expense the display can easily demo your graphics and text on the display.

The EA 9781-1USB board comes with an arrangement of plug contacts to suit all the OLED display modules. No other hardware components – such as adapters, driver boards, power supplies or the like – are required.

This software is available free of charge on the OLED page and can be used even without a test board, which means that text and bitmap graphics for the display modules can be displayed directly. This screen content is loaded onto the test board and displayed. Use of the program is largely self-explanatory and does not require any knowledge of software.

MMS Electronics is based in Pool-in-Wharfedale, Leeds, and was established in 1994 by Marc Arijs, an experienced electronics design engineer, who specialises in control systems for automated machinery that are used in factories around the world by global garment brands. MMS also designed the controls for the world’s first wearable garment that integrated the Apple® iPod. Over the years the company has established strong relationships with top quality LCD display and sensor manufacturers.

Today, MMS Electronics Ltd is the authorised UK distributor for the 2,000 plus LCD display products of trusted German manufacturer Electronic Assembly GmbH (Display Visions) and also represents many other world class display and sensor manufacturers.

MMS Electronics Ltd
Tel 01943.877668

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