New IEPE accelerometers can withstand high temperatures

A new range of high temperature IEPE accelerometers has been launched by DJB Instruments UK. The IEPE accelerometers are capable of withstanding use at 185°C, and this new high temperature will now become the standard HT version for all the company’s IEPE accelerometers, replacing the previous maximum of 161°C.

Using a number of specialised materials for the hybrid circuitry in addition to the high quality Konic design of piezo-ceramic sensing elements, this development has been supported by extensive long term cyclic temperature testing lasting many months.

The company now offers all its integral electronics IEPE accelerometers with the same maximum temperature, including the miniature A/123 and A/124 and the more general purpose A/120 range and everything in between.

An IEPE teardrop accelerometer that will weigh just 0.25gms and be able to withstand 200°C will also be released soon.

The high temperature accelerometers are supported by a full range of cables, adaptors and signal conditioning to provide the complete solution, explains the company.

DJB Instruments  

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