New Fluke 2014-2015 Test Tools Catalogue

Fluke, the world leader in compact professional test tools, has introduced a new 148-page full-colour 2014-2015 Test Tools Catalogue which can viewed online, obtained free by requesting a copy to be sent in the post, or by immediate download as a pdf file, all via the web site at   

The new catalogue contains complete descriptions of features and specifications for Fluke’s full line of test tools, many of which can help to maximise uptime and reduce energy costs. Sections include handheld digital multimeters, basic electrical testers, ScopeMeters, installation testers, field calibration tools, power quality tools, clamp meters, digital thermometers, thermal imagers, insulation testers, EX test tools, portable appliance testers, indoor air quality tools and accessories.

An introductory section covers all the tools recently introduced, such as the CNX 3000 Wireless System Test Tools, VT02/04 Visual IR Thermometers, Ti200/300/400 Advanced Performance IR Cameras, 1730 3-phase Electrical Energy Loggers, 709 & 709H Precision Loop Calibrators, 721 Pressure Calibrators, 805 Vibration Meters, T90/T110/T130/T150 Voltage & Continuity Testers, 62Max/Max+ Infrared Thermometers, and 6200-2/6500-2 PAT Testers.

There are also pages covering money-saving Combo Kits, Fluke After Sales Service, Fluke Web Portals which help with troubleshooting and the correct tool selection in industrial maintenance, electrical and process applications, and on safety issues.

Information about all Fluke products can be obtained via the Fluke web site at

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