New Developments for ambitious Valve Manufacturers Bifold as they launch their new initiative

The Bifold Store

Bifold Store is one of Bifold Group’s newest initiatives, incorporating their preferred range products with the emerging online market and the global acceleration of e-commerce. The preferred range includes a variety of the valves which Bifold Group provides with 48hr despatch. The range includes:

Ball and Needle Valves, Check and Exhaust Valves, Flow and Volume Valves, Pilot and Mechanical Valves, Solenoid Valves and Medium Pressure Valves.

Bifold Store is a way in which Bifold can offer a selection of products to you online, therefore creating a much more accessible and easy service. The Bifold Store has filter services such as ‘type of valve’ and ‘price range’ to make it easier to distinguish and locate products and navigate around the store.

The Bifold Store is an easy way to access the products that are available via 48hr despatch time. The features on the web page make sure to spotlight popular products using a ‘Popular Categories’ section wherein customers can easily select products which are regularly bought. The Bifold Store also includes product images and descriptions along with their operational schematics in order to make product identification much quicker. The Bifold Store website also has easily identifiable tabs of the separate product ranges, again making navigation and accessibility around the online store easy and efficient.

Accessibility is extended further via the various devices that the Bifold Store website has been made available to. Customers can access the website through a multitude of devices, including tablets, phones and computers. This means that products can be ordered in cohesion with the immediacy of the customer demand.

There are over 500 products available in the Bifold Store’s growing catalogue, featuring a comprehensive selection of products from across the entire Bifold range.

Once a customer becomes a regular buyer, they will acquire an account and purchase history which will be found under ‘My Account’. In this, customers can view their previous orders, current orders and can re-order the same items again without going through the basket process.

All of the products on the Bifold Store are despatched within 48 hours from the point of order, incorporating Bifold’s new ’48 Hour Despatch’ initiative. This has been successful within the Bifold sales department and so implementing it on the Bifold Store will have the same effect in terms of efficiency. This again improves the accessibility of the products to the customers in conjunction with the other features of the website.

If you are interested in the Bifold Store initiative, please visit for further details and terms and conditions. You can also contact Bifold using the information below.

Bifold are dedicated to maintaining the excellence of their products and their new facility confirms their commitment to shortening lead times and meeting customer demands.

Bifold Group would like to take this opportunity to thank all their customers for their continued support.

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