New CEO on JonDeTech: “We are in a better position than ever before”

In mid May, Per Lindeberg entered the position as CEO for Swedish IR sensor producer JonDeTech. One year after the listing at Nasdaq First North in Stockholm, he explains why it has taken such a long time for the sensor to reach the market and how the consumer electronics industry will benefit from the world’s smallest IR sensor in plastic.

One year has passed since JonDeTech was listed on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm.

How would you describe the company today and the position that you are in?

Today, as one year ago, we still live in an expanding connected world. Sensors are increasingly used to gather and react to information, which improves our lives and the world we live in. Time benefits our product. Today, we are much closer to our planned commercialisation and high volume phase. We are in a better position than ever before.

What do you see as the biggest challenges for the company in the short term?

I see two big challenges. The first one is to make us ready for high volume production. I am confident that we will be there soon because we have moved steps in the manufacturing process to external partners and made investments in additional production equipment in Stockholm. The second challenge is to move forward with many of the customer projects that we are currently working on.

And in the long run?

To establish JonDeTech globally and be regarded as an important and major player with a unique sensor based on nanotechnology.

Why has it taken such a long time to get your sensor out on the market?
Many of the potential commercial co-operations that we are negotiating with involve extremely large volumes of sensors that have not made before. In order to meet the demand, we have wanted to ensure that we can deliver on our commitments. This makes it extremely important to have a production apparatus that is fully prepared for volume. Sure, it has taken some time, but we are strongly convinced that it is worth it.

Can you say anything about the client side in the upcoming quarter?

When we can ensure high volume production, we will have full focus on commercialisation. Hopefully that will lead to new customers rapidly.

What industries are we talking about?

Since our IR sensor is based on nanotechnology, it can be integrated into a variety of applications previously not possible. Our sensor is smaller and cheaper than what is available in the market, which makes our product more attractive for producers of consumer electronics that want their products to measure and detect. This could be fireproof wall chargers, smart clothes that measure body temperature, smart room regulation, movement detection, smart patches, and much more.

From an investor perspective: What skills do you have that can contribute to this and realize JonDeTech’s goal?

JonDeTech is a tech company facing international expansion. And I have a solid experience from leading roles in similar companies that I think can be useful for JonDeTech.

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