New brand identity for Laser Components is a reflection of a growing corporate culture

‘beyond borders’ – With this claim, Laser Components is positioning itself for the future. In doing so, the company is consciously building on its 40-year tradition. “From the very beginning, we have seen ourselves as solution finders,” says Patrick Paul, CEO. “Together with our customers, we develop individual, application-specific solutions even for complex challenges, redefining the boundaries of optics and photonics. This is also the core message of the new brand identity with which we will present ourselves for the first time this year at LASER World of PHOTONICS.”

For Patrick Paul, as an entrepreneur, the employees play a key role in implementing this vision of the future: “Going ‘beyond borders’ requires people with a special mindset – hands-on personalities with an irrepressible drive to think beyond the standard. At Laser Components, this kind of people works not only in the development department but in the sales teams of our individual business units as well. This applies across the boundaries of languages and cultures for all locations. Our customers appreciate this because it puts them on par with our team members. That’s what sets us apart from our competitors.” 

Patrick Paul knows that every future is always rooted in the past: “Being a forward-thinking company also means not blindly chasing every trend. For example, when we restructured the group of companies, we made a conscious decision to retain the character of an owner-managed family business. This gives us a great deal of financial independence. We can plan strategically with foresight and do not have to be guided by the short-term profit expectations of stakeholders. At the same time, we can be sure that all the companies in the Group live our corporate values.” 

Further information »beyond borders« – After 40 Years, LASER COMPONENTS Still Has Its Unbridled Drive for Innovation

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