New ABB online selector tool speeds delivery of tough temperature instruments

ABB launches online tool to help simplify temperature instrument specification

ABB has made it easier than ever to specify the right temperature instrumentation for demanding applications in the oil and gas industry with the introduction of the TSP411 temperature sensor and TSW400 thermowell.

Oil and gas operators often require instruments to work in extremely tough and hazardous conditions. Specifying the right equipment to deliver safe and reliable service can be complex and time-consuming. For the first time, ABB’s customers can run through a straightforward, step-by-step online specification process to generate instant model numbers and outline drawings for temperature measurement applications. Options include both conventional welded and machined designs, plus forged and van stone thermowells along with an array of exotic materials which are rarely seen as configurable from other manufacturers.

The specification process for the both the TSP411 sensor and TSW400 thermowell involves a simplified product selection process available via ABB’s online product selection tool at

ABB’s online Product Selection Tool automatically produces outline drawings, enabling the instruments to be configured quickly and accurately to meet the required specifications, without the need for customers to enter into time-consuming discussions around the design of the assembly.

Thanks to the extensive range of options, this standardised approach makes specification simple without compromising on the ability to tailor instruments to meet the particular needs of each application.

Safety is always the top priority, and the selection process builds products that can seamlessly fit into the calculations required to determine wake frequency ratio to ASME PTC 19.3 TW 2010. ABB can then calculate the stresses on the proposed system, based on the chosen design and the process conditions, giving customers a Pass/Fail for their proposed installation.

In the case of a failure, ABB can provide extra information to explain why the proposed design is unsuitable for the application and can offer support in finding a solution that satisfies the design standard, process conditions and end user needs.

By standardising the specification process across the wide range of available options, ABB has reduced the engineering time needed at its dedicated factory for Oil and Gas related instruments. Combined with the easier specification, this enables customers to get the instruments they need faster than ever and also helps to reduce cost.

For more information, email ref. ‘Temperature spec tool’. Alternatively, if you would like more information on the latest revision of the ASME PTC 19.3 TW 2010 standard please quote ref. ‘ASME PTC 19.3’.

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