Nanusens shortlisted for award and receives funding for expansion

Recently joined member of the Torbay EPIC Centre, Nanusens has been shortlisted for a major award and just received significant funding that will enable it to expand its operations and hire new staff.

Nanusens CEO, Dr. Josep Montanyà i Silvestre

Nanusens is a finalist for the Design Team of the Year in the prestigious Elektra Awards 2020. The company has designed a novel way to enable the higher frequency bands needed by 5G mobile phones to be used, something that presents a challenge with current technology. The virtual award ceremony will be held on the 25th of March 2021.

The company has also just secured a new £764,000 round of funding in association with the British Government’s ‘Future Fund’ scheme. “This will power our next phase of growth,” said Nanusens CEO, Dr. Josep Montanyà i Silvestre. “Moving our Headquarters to EPIC has proven to be really beneficial to the company. Being right in the heart of a cluster of companies working on high-tech projects provides incredible synergy. The EPIC Centre also allows access to state-of-the-art equipment bought specifically to support companies in the Centre. These include a Palomar Technologies die bonder, worth a million dollars, which is one of the fastest, most reliable, and flexible, multiple die bonders on the market, and a Scanning Electron Microscope to examine our ultra-small devices. In addition, close by, there are the microscopy centres at Plymouth and Exeter. We are actively recruiting and this location has a great pool of local talent. Torbay is such an attractive place to live that we have already had job enquiries from all over the UK.”

EPIC Centre Director, Wayne Loschi, added, “This is a great example of the dynamism created by having a cluster of high technology companies all together and helping each other. The whole is certainly greater than the sum of the individual parts!”

Nanusens has already won many awards for its innovative technology that creates sensors that can be used in all sorts of electronic devices to sense movement, sound, magnetic fields, pressure, etc. The company has devised a completely new way to make these sensors that overcomes issues with current sensors that includes challenges with volume product, size, reliability and energy consumption. The solution, which is being protected by many patents, is the only one that uses the same manufacturing techniques that make the vast majority of the world’s electronic chips. This means virtually unlimited production capabilities plus solutions that are ten times smaller or even less.

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